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Daily Spending

Our “now-term” financial management products are designed to turn elements of your daily spending into long-term wellness. For instance, your credit card payments are applied to your highest interest balance first, and we never charge interest on your interest. Both allow you to better manage your credit card balances and pay off higher-interest purchases sooner. Your definition of long-term success is unique, but daily financial efficiency is universal.

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Embrace the
Value You Deserve

When you do business with Elements Financial, you get better value than if you save or borrow with another bank or credit union. In 2015, our members saved $15.3 million just by doing business with us.*

That’s money saved for family, experiences, and for the things that matter most. That’s why we’re here — to help you reach your long-term milestones while planning for today’s “now-term” needs.

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I just got my first credit card and decided to apply for Elements Financial’s Visa that benefits Riley Children’s Foundation. I get a low rate on purchases and balance transfers, even after special intro pricing for my first 6 months. I love that I can effortlessly give back to a great cause like Riley!*

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Credit Card

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Electronic Banking

Credit Cards

At some point, we all find ourselves using a credit card to pay for an emergency repair. Our members are no different – except in their savings over time. Starting with a $7,500 repair, after making 21 monthly payments of $150, our members would see their balance drop 29% vs. 24% with a competitor’s card. This translates to an interest savings of $600 for our members.

Chart comparing Elements and Competitor savings over time.
Average Annual Member Value = $300
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One of the great milestones in your life is buying your home. There is so much that changes when you’re a homeowner, and we can help you maximize those opportunities. Consider our Home Equity products, which provide access to more equity than our competitors, along with closing times as short as 10 days. Now, you can focus on what’s really important — your family, your memories and your future.

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Life’s Mile Markers

You begin reaching certain milestones in life and, over time, your needs change. The rooms in your new house eventually fill with children. Before you know it, they’re asking to borrow the car keys. And soon, they’ll be packing the car with boxes on their way to college. We understand what that means for you. We provide solutions with your long-term financial wellness in mind – checking off life’s milestones along the way.

Learn more about borrowing.

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I just had an AWESOME experience with my new mortgage! I loved reviewing my progress through the website at any time. I felt informed and knew exactly where I was throughout the process. Within 29 days, I was sitting at the title company closing on my dream home.

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Auto Loan

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Home Mortgage

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Student Loan

Home Equity Program

On average, our members are paying a rate of 3.75% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on our home equity lines of credit. For those same lines at the largest banks in Indianapolis, those rates would equal 5.76% APR. Our members are saving $910 per year through our program!

Chart comparing Elements Home Equity APR 3.75% v Competitor APR 5.76%
Average Annual Member Value = $910

* Annual Percentage Rates are variable and based on The Wall Street Journal Prime Rate as published on the 1st business day of every month plus or minus a margin and will vary with the Prime Rate, but will not exceed 18%. Rates may be higher or lower than the average rate shown in this example; each individual’s APR is determined by the applicant’s credit history and property’s LTV. Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rates. Applicable state-specific and title insurance fees may apply.

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Long-Term Saving

Growth is essential to anyone’s financial wellness plan. Many crave certainty as a complement to the growth of their financial portfolios. We offer savings certificates priced among the industry’s best rates with low minimum deposits – only $1,000 and just $500 for members under 18. Whether you’re 18 or 68, our long-term savings products provide you a stable investment option.

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Welcome to Financial Wellness

Long-term achievement is a reflection of your life’s moments of inspiration and commitments. You’ve discovered your financial elements, accomplished your milestones and secured the legacy of your financial wellness. Having financial certainty means knowing that your accomplishments are protected for your family and future generations. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

Learn more about long-term saving.

I now understand the value of a Health Savings Account. Using pre-tax money to pay my medical bills and prescriptions is great. I can manage my HSA with Elements Financial’s eBranch, too. In time, I can transfer to a TD Ameritrade investments account that’s tied directly to my Elements Financial HSA.

Member Geoff


Health Savings Account

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Credit Counseling


Over the length of a certificate’s term, our average savings certificate pays $1,898.85 in dividends to members. Depositing to our largest bank competitors for the same term would earn you only $385.90 in interest. That’s $1,512.95 in additional savings! We pay more on longer terms, so the longer you save, the more you earn from us.

Chart comparing Elements Dividends to Competitor Dividends Over Time
Average Annual Member Value = $489

* Dividends example is an average calculation based on a balance of $25,300 for 37 months. Minimum certificate deposit of $1,000.00. Minimum required to open a child's certificate is $500.00. Child must be under 18 years of age. A penalty will be imposed for withdrawal before maturity.

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On average, an Elements Financial household saves an estimated



Pick your preferred products and enter your balances to determine your customized estimated annual savings using our Competitive Value Calculator.

* Competitive Values are estimated by comparing historical rates and fees at Elements Financial and at the five banks and credit unions with the largest market share in Central Indiana; data valid as of 4/30/15.

Competitive Value Calculator


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Discover the elements of your own financial wellness.

Your daily spending habits have a long-term effect on your financial wellness. Whether you are starting fresh or transferring your loans and deposits, contact us today to learn more about earning more.




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